Baby Bath Procedure

Baby Bath

Baby Bath

How’s your experience when you bathe your baby for the first time? Definitely a lot of fun and interesting about your first experience of bathing the baby. Or you belong to never had the experience of bathing the baby? Some people have difficulty in bathing the baby for the first time, but some others apparently do not have problems. Actually the problem that usually encountered when first bathing the baby is scared of someone when position the baby in the bath. Fear is also strengthened with the baby’s skin that is very delicate and very sensitive so there is some thought would be horrified if the skin is injured baby, baby cold, water gets into the baby’s body and so on. This is reasonable experienced by someone who wanted to bathe the baby. for someone who used to bathe the baby was also no feeling like it especially for the first time to bathe the baby. But dont worry because in this case there are actually a procedure for bathing the baby with the right way and safe.

The following procedure:

  1. Before you start the bath, prepare equipment and supplies that used to bathe the baby. The equipment that should be prepared is a bath tub, towels, 2 waslap (one to clean the face and body, one to clean the genitals), waterproof prepared on the bed, cottonbud to clean the ears, nose, etc. While the equipment needed is warm water, baby soap, baby shampoo, baby comb, baby powder, baby oil and clothing.
  2. After all the equipment and supplies are prepared, place the baby on top of waterproof and remove her clothes. If the baby is urinating or defecating cleaned first with a special cotton wipe.
  3. Take washlap then dip it in the baby bath and squeeze the waslap. Wipe baby’s face softly and slowly in sequence, starting from the face, arm, body, back and legs. Take a second waslap to clean sex. The genitals should be cleaned softly and carefully.
  4. Replace with the first waslap then take the baby soap and rub the waslap with it. Wipe the baby’s entire body with these waslap including hands and feet but try not affected fingers baby with soap because sometimes the baby put his finger in the mouth.
  5. If the baby is finished rubbed with soap, put the baby into the tub. How to enter the baby is put your left hand under the head or behind the baby’s neck, right ear cover by your thumb and middle finger cover the left ear. Put your right hand on the baby’s legs and close his legs but the position of your finger is in the middle of the baby’s feet.
  6. Lift the baby into the tub. Then position the baby’s body in water with the lower position than his head. Then remove your right hand so that the baby’s legs can move freely.
  7. Rinse the front of baby’s body first and then can be followed on the baby’s hands and feet. For the back of your baby’s body can be cleaned without having to turn around the baby.
  8. If your baby should be washed, do that before rinsing the baby’s body. You do this by shedding a little baby shampoo to the hair and then rub softly and carefully. Then rinse them evenly including the throughout of baby’s body.
  9. If you’ve finished, the baby can be lifted from the baby bath. You do this by putting your right hand into the position that similar when you put the baby into the tub.
  10. Put the baby on the towel that was placed in waterproof. Dry the baby’s entire body with soft towel starting from the face, body, arms, genitals and legs.

11. The final touch, you can wipe the baby’s body with oil and given baby powder.


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